Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tahrir Revolution Flyer How to Treat Sectarian Strife

How to Treat Sectarian Strife


How To Treat Sectarian Strife

For many years Egypt has been undergoing one of its most difficult crises. Killings… abductions…violations of sacrosanct rights… disdain towards sects. Do we have a treatment for this malignant disease called sectarian strife? I do not want every human being to think of only himself… I do not want them to only think of their generation… but also to think of their children… how their future will be, their love for Egypt and their sense of belonging. The time has come to know the trustworthy person from the liar… the time has come to know who is going to work for the interests of the country and the upcoming generations.

Hand in hand we treat strife… we work to protect ourselves from it for the rest of our lives. We set up a group on Facebook called “How to treat sectarian strife”… we need your opinion, your love, your cooperation with us, if only by asking God who created all of us to grant us good luck…

Oh young men of Egypt… do not disappoint us

Oh our people… do not disappoint us

Oh our brothers and allies in the nation… do not disappoint us

Oh Muslims… oh Christians… do not disappoint us

The people are one hand. That is the slogan of the great Egyptian revolution, which God destined for splendid success. This is our slogan for success, if it is God’s will.

How can you help us eliminate sectarian strife?

1 – Join us on Facebook and share your opinion… even with only a good word, you can greatly please your brothers.

2 – Help us set up public fora to develop shared coexistence among the Egyptian people.

3 – Bring together different points of view and neighbors, as is customary in our beloved Egypt.

4 – Help the country’s guardians by controlling ourselves before we act upon any word we hear.

We make an effort to get to know each other on a friendly basis every first Friday of the month… to take pleasure in our activities and study what we will work on the upcoming days.

Join the group “How to treat sectarian strife” on Facebook

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Hazim Khatir


Acquired 15 July 2011

Translated by Alina Mülhauser

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta