Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tahrir Flyer on Egyptian Heritage of Religious Unity: “The Crescent with the Cross”

“The Crescent with the Cross”

The Crescent with the Cross against the Constitutional Amendments

These days, memories of the revolution of the 19th–the Egyptian people’s revolution of the previous century–come to mind to bless the roaring, rebellious January 25th revolution, victorious against tyranny and its symbols, against corruption and its sins–to give Egypt its freedom back, and to let the Egyptians, one and all, hold their heads high with pride. The entire world bowed before the Egyptians’ courage and perseverance… We are touched by memories of the revolution of the 19th, in which the crescent embraced the cross, Father Sergius delivered a speech from the minbar of al-Azhar, and Shaykh Abu al-’Aynayn chanted and was welcomed at the Baklut Bey Cathedral…and in which Sa’d Zaghloul, when asked how two Coptic ministers could be appointed, said that bullets failed to separate Muslims and Christians on the 19th… Egypt witnessed the appointment of Butrus Ghali as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1937, the appointment of Wissa as the chairman of the House of Representatives, and the appointment of Makram ‘Abid as the Secretary General for the Wafd Party (majority party). Ghandi learned how the nation’s prejudices melted in the flames of the revolution so that Egypt could live free and independent. Today, now that their blood has mixed together in the glorious revolution of January 25th, the Egyptians will not allow anyone to break apart the sons of the nation who seized their own freedom.

The Wafd Youth confirms its demand for a just and democratic civilian country which protects the civil rights of all its citizens–their complete and equal rights and duties–and guarantees the application of law to maintain the honor of the nation and its people.

In the same vein, the Wafd Youth reject the amendments to the constitution of ’71 which will make the next president into a new dictator. They demand the implementation of a new democratic constitution for all people which guarantees rights of citizenship and a just, civil nation.

For this reason, we demand the cancelation of the March 19th Referendum. May Egypt live free, and may its people live honorably and united and in tolerance and in freedom…The Wafd Youth.


Acquired 11 March 2011

Translated by Alexander Brock.

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta.

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