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The Salafi Front in Egypt: Shari’a is the Basis of National Consensus

The Salafi Front in Egypt: Shari’a is the Basis of National Consensus

The Salafi Front in Egypt

Statement # 008

Shari`a Is the Basis of National Consensus

In light of the Islamic forces’ agreement to descend on Tahrir Square to express rejection of the announcement of the “document of governing articles for the constitution”, which represents a jump over shari`a and circumvention of the people’s will, and the events that came after it, it is necessary to clarify the following points:

First: Shari`a must agree with the identity and culture of the society just as it must be built upon the people’s will, as happened in the first honest referendum in Egypt, the result of which was positive in favor of constitutional amendments.

Second: Despite our appreciation for the position of the Military Council for its protection of the revolution and its achievements for the people against the oppressors and the corrupt, and likewise its continued assurance of handing authority to an elected civilian government, it is necessary to establish the following:

- The Military Council’s delay in heeding legitimate revolutionary demands and the failure to achieve but a few of these—under pressure from the street—is what incites chaos and thwarts stability.

- The subservience of the Council to the influence of limited groups, as happened with the announcement of the formation of an illegitimate committee to put in place “governing principles for the constitution.”

- Accusations made by some political groups without presenting official evidence or taking the necessary legal steps, despite the fact that these groups had been allowed to participate in the meetings for national consensus and special recommendations about ministerial formation.

Third: The Front denounces the unfortunate events in `Abbasiyya, in which the April 6 Movement withdrew from the national consensus, and emphasizes the following:

- We unequivocally reject all attempts to destabilize or shake the Egyptian Military on the pretext of the split between the Military Council and the armed forces.

- We reject all forms of illegal confrontation with the April 6 Movement and those in solidarity with it, such as using thugs [al-baltagiyya] and smearing [opponents] with political accusations; this extends to some honorable people and returns the atmosphere to what it was prior to the 25 January Revolution.

- The Front calls for the necessity of reviewing the positions of all the organizations that receive funding from abroad, and not focusing on one organization in particular.

Fourth: We emphasize that national consensus does not mean shuffling the deck and nullifying the legitimate demands of the Islamists. So the goal this Friday is, clearly: a rejection of the so-called “governing principles” and everything connected to them in terms of illegitimate decisions and committees.

God speaks the truth and He guides the way

The Salafi Front in Egypt

27 July 1432 / 29 July 2011


Acquired 29 July 2011

Translated by Paul Kohlbry

Translation reviewed by Alex Winder

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