Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tahrir Call for Media Reform II: The Revolutionaries of Maspero

The Revolutionaries of Maspero

The Revolutionaries of Maspero

Did you know, my fellow citizen, that the Egyptian media ……

  • Receives its instructions from America and Israel?
  • Is currently run by inmates of the prison at Tura and Sharm al-Shaykh, for the leadership of the extinct era and miserable remnants of the National [Democratic] Party still govern it?
  • Serves the corrupt leadership even now?
  • Embodies the instructions of the moral affairs of the armed forces as was previously followed by the state security and the presidency of the republic?
  • Continues its policy of misleading, deceiving, invalidating the citizen’s rights, and losing our national identity?
  • Is not governed by Egyptians but is governed by political powers hostile to national and religious principles?
  • Lacks freedom and social justice, so how can it lead us forward?
  • Opposes beloved Egypt. How can it be content to assume this disgraceful form and essence?

Therefore, it is necessary for every free Egyptian

  • To demand that the purification and freedom of the Egyptian media be at the head of society’s priorities.
  • That changing the media mean moving toward improvement and not from bad to worse.
  • That the media is in need of changing methodology and way of thinking and administration and not just individuals.
  • To not forget the crime of the corrupt leaders of the Egyptian media with respect to the martyrs of the glorious revolution of 25 January.

The media is your property …… and it is incumbent upon you to contribute to its purification

America —————-> The Extinct Regime <—————— Israel



The National [Democratic] Party ——————————|——————————State Security

| v |

| The Presidency of the Republic |

| | |

——————–>The Policy of the Egyptian Media<————————


Acquired 8 July 2011

Translated by Alex Winder

Translation reviewed by Elias Saba

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