Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tahrir Flyer: Courses in Social Media

“This Announcement Is For All Egyptians”: Courses in Social Media

Presentation on the Occasion of the 25th of January Revolution

  • The training course will allow you to know what is going on in the whole world while you are sitting in your house.
  • The course will allow you to collaborate in all matters, share your opinion and have your voice heard by the people.
  • The course doesn’t take any time at all because you will become trained in just a short time.

The course will not cost you more than 30 pounds.

  • The training course is complete and you will not require anyone’s [help] after taking it.
  • The course will help you to know all the recent news without buying newspapers and before it is in the newspapers.
  • The course is free and includes (Facebook – blogs – YouTube – Hotmail – Yahoo Mail – Flickr) in addition to many programs and partnerships.

Find out who we are and where this course will be held at these numbers:

[phone # redacted] _ [phone # redacted]

[phone # redacted] – [phone # redacted]

This announcement is for every Egyptian

[Graphic, Upper-Left Hand Corner: We are all one hand]

Minster or commoner Young or old

We must all understand the meaning of change

We must all acknowledge the situation is grave

The Egyptian Revolution is a revolution of destiny

To all those who wish to follow updates and the news, we present this course consisting of all programs of collaboration via the internet and they are:

Yahoo, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, MSN Hotmail, Twitter, Wikileaks

No proficiency with computers or information languages is required

[phone # redacted] [phone # redacted] [phone # redacted]


Acquired 7 March 2011.

Translated by William E. D. Picard and Dana M. Moss.

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta.

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