Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mosaic (Arab & Muslim) Media Network


Mosaic Media Network began as a networking concept to connect between Arab and Muslim media informally to help improve and strengthen their industry. In 2010 it became a formal entity and a reality to work with and promote Arab and Muslim media in the U.S.

It has grow to include other fields of media which can benefit from communicating and working with this type of network. It had grown to include Freelancers and book publishers.

Today Mosaic Media Network is the only entity that works to empower and connect the dots among institutions and individuals in the Arab and Muslim media and the main stream media in the U.S.

Board of Advisors

Yousef Hayek, News Circle, CA

Osama Aburshid, Almeezan newspaper, VA

Marwan Ahmad, Breek Publishing & Marketing, AZ

Khalil Bendib, Independent cartoonist, CA

Sami Mashny, The Independent Monitor, CA


Marwan Ahmad, Breek Publishing & Marketing, AZ