Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anti-Coptic Pamphlet distributed in Tahrir

No to Religious Corruption… No to the So-Called Churches


No to Religious Corruption…No to the So-Called Churches

Hundreds of Egypt’s sons were martyred in order to bring down the corrupt political system, which is run by a gang monopolizing power and money. This gang is very similar to the current canonical system that continually supported Mubarak and blessed the hereditary rule of his sons. It is no wonder, then, that the present canonical system resembles the now extinct regime in terms of its monopolization and domination of power. Corruption has spread amongst religious men and has especially permeated the layer of the clergy, becoming the blood that runs through their veins. Their hearts have become as black as the color of their robes. It is, therefore, without personal gain or exaggeration that we shed light on some of these corrupt individuals.

Bishop Marqus of Shubra Al-Khayma is arrogant and absurd. He is a master of insult and humiliation even when the subject of these invectives is a poor person or a person with disabilities and special needs. He has been reminded of his responsibilities towards his parishioners and the pious council that follows him. However, this council is one of evil, controlled by a group of wicked, demented priests.

The Priests of the Church of The Virgin and The Archangel Mikha’il in Al-Khalafawi are closest to the devils. Included in this group are men who consider their duty to merely be a job for the money, ignoring the most important injunction which is to love and serve the minor friars. The exceptions to this are the servants of the Sunday schools, for the Lord has witnesses in all times and places.

The Teacher of Generations, Pope Shenouda III, turned away from the problems and concerns of his people. This prompted one of them to commit suicide by self-immolation in the cathedral during a weekly lecture on 3/30/2011. He did not blink an eye nor inquire about the reasons for this suicide.

Finally, a corrupt media supports the entire corrupt system. This is the role of the Coptic Television Channel, CTV. This disingenuous channel works to improve the image of the religious men despite their corruption and their dereliction. The channel is a slave to its main objective: fundraising for itself, by any means necessary, and not for those in need. This is the same objective of the clergymen the channel supports. These charlatans make empty claims in their program, “Ayna Anta,” which is affiliated with this channel.