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About : The Muslim Observer

About : The Muslim Observer


The Muslim Observer began its journey into the media world in 1999 as an alternative to the corporate media on issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims. Since then it has focused on American Muslims: their issues, perspectives, and concerns. Thanks to our ever-growing readership and exchange of ideas, the Muslim Media Network (MMN) is developing an organization that will offer a wide range of media channels throughout the U.S., including such services as internet broadcast, radio broadcast, television broadcast, print publications, and research and alternative news services. The establishment of the Muslim Media News Service (MMNS) is the first step in that direction. Through a network of reporters, writers, and commentators, MMNS offers a growing Muslim alternative to existing international wire services (Reuters, UPI, AP, AFP) on matters pertaining to Islam and Muslims.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to develop a bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims in the world of media. Through promoting harmony, pluralism, human dignity and tolerance for differences of opinion, the MMN intends to achieve its goal to highlight positive stories that help people of different faiths come together for better mutual understanding.”

Our Goals

MMN offers a balanced and fearless forum to those alternative voices that find no space in the existing U.S. mass media. We intend to achieve our mission by promoting genuine and authentic dialog between emerging Muslim voices and our audiences on issues of national and international importance. MMN, Inc. intends to make its mission relevant to all people.

We seek to present the news of the world in a positive way that highlights the perspectives of Muslims in a manner completely free of the anti-Muslim bias that is commonly presented by mainstream news services.


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