Thursday, December 22, 2011

Protrest Call of The Egyptian Media Coalition

The Egyptian Media Coalition

The Egyptian Media Coalition


The January 25th Media Movement

The Media Alumni Association

The Founding Committee of the Media Syndicate

The Egyptian Association for Human Rights

Announcement Number 2

To all the young people and men of the glorious January 25th Revolution, we are honored to invite you to attend a group march on Wednesday in front of the Broadcasting and Television Building (Maspiro) for the following purposes:

1.) To demand the cleansing of the media through the dismissal of corrupt and undependable media personalities who before and during the Revolution held ever-changing opinions that benefited their personal interests.

2.) To call to account all those involved in the Egyptian media scandals during the glorious January 25th Revolution, as well as those who scorned the Revolution and its participants and martyrs.

3.) To found a media syndicate that includes all specialties in order to solve student and alumni issues, and to oversee the Egyptian media.

4.) To gather signatures and to request that the syndicate law be ratified. For if the number of attendants exceeds 2000 persons, then the coalition will immediately announce the founding of the syndicate.

We thank you for your kind cooperation and God bless.

Contact: Dia Mansour



Acquired 11 March 2011

Translated by Kristine Anderson.

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta.