Friday, November 25, 2011

Productive Muslim — Towards a Productive Ummah!

Productive Muslim — Towards a Productive Ummah!

Top 10 Accomplishments:


1. We built a strong editorial team that ensured highly quality, fresh content to be delivered to you on our website at least 3 times a week as well as these weekly e-mails.

2. We relaunched our ProductiveRamadan website with a new look and a new logo as well as translated over 40% of the articles into Arabic and French.

3. We brought to you 10 new ProductiveMuslim Animations, 8 of them were specifically for Ramadan, and they’ve received over 1 million views on our YouTube channel alone.

4. We recorded our first TV show in the UK in partnership with RamadanTV and licensed our animations with at least 5 national and International Islamic TV channels.

5. We introduced a special online course for ProductiveRamadan and over 100 people signed up for it and participants benefitted greatly from the lessons within.

6. We were invited to the prestigious TEDx Arabia talk where I gave a talk on “How Religion Can Boosts Our Productivity“.

7. We doubled the size of our network on facebook, twitter and mailing list and we are now one of the largest Islamic Blogs on the blogosphere.

8. With your generous donations, we raised over £4,000 for Maternal Health Care in Afghanistan as part of Muslim Hands Mt.Kilimanjaro Challenge (and yup, Abu Productive made it to the top of the Mountain with the ProductiveMuslim logo! hamdulillah!)

9. We launched our first offline seminar in London (UK) in conjunction with Sabeel/MRDF and over 400 attendees made it to the event with great positive feedback.

10. We won the Brass CrescentAwards for BEST BLOG & BEST GROUP BLOG for 1432H/2011H."