Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ali Calls 'All-American Muslim' A Welcome Relief : NPR

Ali Calls 'All-American Muslim' A Welcome Relief : NPR

"CONAN: Good. What did you make of the program?

ALI: I think it's refreshingly bland. It's honest, it's real, it's human, and it's nice to see a show where Muslims aren't terrorists, taxi cab drivers or potential terrorists, you know? They're just people.

CONAN: Refreshingly bland. It's not exactly "Jersey Shore," is it?

ALI: Thankfully no, but I do believe, you know, the fact that Muslims have their own reality TV show means, you know, the Muslim agenda is successful. We're taking over America, right? Last year, we put a tiara on the head of Miss USA, Rima Fakih. Yesterday, a Pakistani man bought the Jacksonville Jaguars, and now our own reality TV show."