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The American Muslim (TAM)


Mosques in U.S. That Have Experienced Violent, Prejudiced, or Racist Incidents

by Sheila Musaji

first online 9/2006

Mosques in the U.S. are becoming dangerous places. Type MOSQUE in The American Muslim site search engine and you will turn up 234 entries. I can’t help but think that the violent rhetoric of conservative and religious commentators in America has to be counted as at least partially responsible for what is going on. When people say that Arabs are sub-human or that Muslim leaders should be killed and Muslims all converted to Christianity, it cannot help but have some effect over time. Ignorance and racism are a lot more powerful than people realize. throw in a bit of fear (talk about mosques needing surveillance, or being hotbeds of extremism), and even the most evolved of us may fall prey. Much of this violence is the result of religiously motivated reprisals against the Muslim community in general for acts committed by particular individuals or organizations.

According to the most recent CAIR Report on hate crimes there was a 29% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2005. “Overall, nine states and the District of Columbia accounted for almost 79 percent of all civil rights complaints to CAIR in 2005. These ten states are (in descending order): California (19%), Illinois (13%), New York (9%), Texas (8%), Virginia (7%), Florida (6%), District of Columbia (5%), Maryland (4%), Ohio (4%) and New Jersey (4%).”

We have been collecting information about mosque incidents for some time, and here is our (partial) list. If you know about other incidents, please contact us with the information.

- Hugh Fitzgerald Islamophobic article “Tips For Visiting a Mosque” August 2006
- ACLU seeks answers about FBI mosque surveillance
- Mosques are struggling
- Response to “Are American Mosques Promoting Hate Ideology?”, Junaid Afeef
- Boeing, Bell Helicopter Asked to Pull “Mosque Attack” Ad (Islamophobia)
- U.S. Muslims Must Tackle Questions of Mosque and State Hasan Zillur Rahim
- Mosque Guidelines to Fight Terrorism
- Rep. Peter King says Mosque leaders are the enemy amongst us 2/04
- Online petition to close mosques and deport Muslims 2/04
- FBI to count local Muslims and mosques 2/03
- Michael Hurd Statement: Bomb the Mosques
- Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association calls for no more mosques to be allowed in the United States. 8/10

MAP of controversies over mosques across the U.S.


- Phoenix mosque vandalized 9/10
- Imam verbally assaulted in Tempe mosque on 9/11 anniversary 9/11/07
- Acid bomb thrown near worshippers at Glendale Arizona mosque 8/07
- Tucson Mosque graffiti may be hate crime 4/07
- Anti Muslim Posters posted at mosque June 2006,
- Glendale mosque burned December 2004
- East Tempe mosque vandalized 9/03

- La Mirada mosque vandalized 7/11
- Burbank interfaith chapel has Islamic symbol smashed 5/11
- burned Qur’an at San Francisco Mosque 9/10
- Madera Mosque vandalized & brick thrown through window. 8/10
- Objections to Santa Clara Mosque building a minaret. 7/10
- Planned Temecula Valley mosque draws opposition and protest. Protesters asked to bring dogs because “Muslims hate dogs”. 7/10 - More protests at Temecula 12/10
- Muslim assaulted outside Corona mosque on 4th of July
- Costa Mesa mosque vandalized for second time in 2 weeks. 1/10
- Mission Viejo interfaith holiday display, Islamic section vandalized. 12/09
- Azusa mosque vandalized for the third time this year 12/09
- Sacramento mosque vandalized 12/09
- Cypress, California mosque vandalized 7/09
- Bakersfield mosque vandalized 6/09
- Anaheim mosque vandalized 6/09
- Cypress mosque (L.A. area) vandalized 6/3/09
- Bakersfield Mosque attacked 10/8/07
- East Contra Costa County mosque victim of arson 8/14/07
- Islamic Center of East Bay in Antioch victim of arson 8/13/07
- Haywood mosque causing quite a stir 2007
- Yermo mosque arson January 2007
- Shots fired into East Bay Mosque January 2007 - repeated attacks on East Bay mosques January 2007- Bin Laden effigy hung outside Culver City Mosque September 2006
- Southern Calif. Mosque vandalized second time August 2006
- Southern California Mosque vandalized August 2006
- Milpitas Mosque vandalized again June 2006
- front door shattered at Milpitas mosque May 2006
- threatening flyer left at Pomona mosque February 2006
- suspicious gas released in Sacramento mosque February 2006
- mosque vandalized September 2005
- Adelanto mosque arson June 2005
- San Luis Obispo mosque vandalized September 2003
- Milpitas mosque site vandalized June 2002
- Lomita mosque vandalized December 2001
- Concord mosque vandalized December 2001
- Pigs blood thrown at San Francisco mosque September 2001
- Conejo Valley mosque vandalized June 2001
- Yuba City mosque burned September 1994

- Fort Collins mosque vandalized April 2005
- Denver mosque receives threats May 2004
- plot to bomb Aurora mosque May 1999
- Fort Collins mosque vandalized January 1998
- Radio station employees harrass Denver mosque attendees 1996

- Abdul-Majid Karim Hasan mosque in Hamden vandalized a second time. 2/2011
- Operation Save America holds protest in front of Bridgeport Mosque during Friday prayers. Say they plan protests at mosques around the country. Slogans “Jesus hates Muslims” and “Islam is a lie”. 8/10

- Bridgeport mosque vandalized September 2001
- Meriden, Connecticut mosque denied zoning permit 1999

- Suspicious fire at Masjidash Shura December 2006
- Muslim Community Center sign vandalized September 2005

- protest against Margate mosque project in Florida 6/11
- Objections to West Boynton mosque 6/11
- terrorist attack on mosque as incendiary devide explodes outside Jacksonville mosque 5/10 This attack is under-reported Mosque burning suspect killed in shootout in Oklahoma 5/11
- Objections to Pompano Beach Mosque 5/10

- teens vandalize Miami mosque 7/3/09
- shots fired into Miami mosque and Islamic school 1/1/09
- Bricks thrown through windows of St. Petersburg Mosque 9/2007
- Islamic Education Center of Florida set afire. Investigation pending. 4/2007
- VIDEO: Witness to Florida Mosque Shooting speaks 2006
- Sniper Shooting at Florida Mosque during prayers September 2006
- Mosque defacement in Florida part of ongoing spree April 2006
- Broward County mosque vandalized April 2006
- Boca Raton mosque vandalized February 2005
- Boca mosque sign vandalized again 2/05
- Bomb explodes outside Champion Mosque July 2004
- Threatening message left at Islamic Center of Southwest Florida July 2004
- two mosques vandalized May 2004
- man drives truck into mosque March 2002
- Florida doctor arrested in mosque attack plot 2002
- Lake County mosque vandalized September 2001
- Tallahassee mosque vandalized September 2001

- DOJ investigating denial of mosque permit for Alpharetta GA mosque 5/11
- Cartersville, GA mosque vandalized second time in a month 4/11

- arson attack on Marrietta mosque 7/10 - individual arrested for crime is a Muslim
- police investigate fire at Scottsdale, Georgia mosque 7/25/07
- Augusta mosque vandalized September 2001
- Savanna mosque burned August 2003
- Clarkson mosque vandalized September 1995

- anti-Muslim leaflets left at mosque October 2002

- Boise mosque targeted with swastika stickers March 2007
- Pigs head thrown into Lewiston mosque July 2006
- mosque vandalized October 2002

- permit denied for mosque in abandoned building in Chicago suburb of West Rogers Park 8/10
- Villa Park Mosque vandalized (4th vandalism in Chicago in 2 months) 10/08
- Chicago mosque vandalized 8/2007
- Schaumburg mosque ransacked August 2006
- Protests against Orland Park Mosque 2004
- Chicago mosque attacked March 2003
- 300 march on Bridgeview mosque September 2001
- arson at Arab American Center in Chicago November 2001
- Protests against Palos Heights Mosque 1998
- Villa Park mosque vandalized 1995

- Michigan City Mosque vandalized July 2006
- Man found repelling from Bloomington mosque January 2006
- Bloomington mosque vandalized July 2005
- Evansville mosque vandalized September 2001
- Bloomington mosque vandalized February 1998

- Clinton, Iowa mosque vandalized with rocks thrown through windows 8/11
- Cedar Rapids mosque vandalized 7/10

- Wichita, Kansas mosque destroyed by arson 10/11
- Molotov coctail hurled through window of Kansas Muslim business 4/08

- Objections and anonymous fliers protesting mosque in Florence, KY
- Lexington mosque vandalized September 2001

- Bossier City, LA mosque vandalized with pork 5/11
- Police deactivate a device left at Lafayette, LA mosque 12/10
- car set on fire at Lafayette, LA mosque 9/10

- Shreveport mosque vandalized 8/1/07
- Muslim school vandalized March 2006
- Arabi mosque vandalized September 2001

- Portland, Maine mosque graffiti - “Osama today Islam tomorow (sic)” and “go home.” 5/11
- Man shot leaving mosque in Portland, Maine 9/09
- Pig’s head thrown into mosque during prayers July 2006

- Gaithersberg, Maryland mosque target of paintball vandalism 11/08
- Frederick mosque vandalized for third time in 2007
- Frederick mosque vandalized February 2007
- shots fired into Mosque April 2006
- mosque vandalized September 2005
- cross burned in front of mosque July 2005
- Imam’s wife assaulted at mosque April 2004

- Islamophobic objections to Boston mosque expansion and [2] July 2006
- Massachussets Governor Suggests Wiretapping Mosques
- Springfield mosque burned down 12/04

- Farmington mosque faces anti-Muslim objections to new mosque 6/11
- Terry Jones plans protest outside Islamic Center of America 4/11
- Rober Stockham arrested outside Dearborn mosque with explosives 1/11
- Hate mail sent to Dearborn and Detroit mosques 12/10
- Westboro Baptist church pickets outside Islamic Center of America in Dearborn 11/10
- burned Qur’an at Lansing Mosque 9/10
- Brownstone mosque vandalized for second time in a month 5/15/10

- break in at Dearborn Heights mosque 11/13/07
- community opposes new mosque in Ypsilanti, Michigan 7/25/07
- Four mosques in Detroit vandalized in past month January 2007
- Hate graffiti sprayed on Islamic Center of Detroit 2007
- Islamic Organization of North America Imam and mosque threatened 2007
- Islamophobic objections to Warren mosque May 2006
- Mosque Plan Exposes Islamophobia in Warren
- Bangladeshi mosque vandalized March 2006
- mosque vandalized February 2006
- Defendant Pleads Guilty to Threatening Members of Detroit Mosque

mosque vandalized September 2005
- cars vandalized in parking lot of Saginaw mosque November 2001
- Flint mosque vandalized October 1995

- Fridley, MN Islamic Center Gets Hate Emails after Osama Bin Laden’s Death 5/11
- St. Cloud MN mosque vandalized twice 4/10 and 7/10

- Muslims spit on outside Rochester mosque September 2007
- Minneapolis Mosque arson August 2006
- Three vandalism incidents in 3 days in Minnesota
- Minneapolis mosque burned March 1999

- Starkville mosque vandalized September 2001

- Springfield mosque vandalized 1/11
- Allen Street Mosque4 in St. Louis vandalized second time in two weeks 9/10
- Various mosques in St. Louis area threatened 9/10

- Cape Girardeau mosque vandalized 6/09
- Joplin mosque sign torched 9/08
- Imam Hussaini mosque in Saint Louis vandalized, windows broken 3/17/08
- Islamic Community Center (Masjid Madina) in South Saint Louis threatened over objections to minaret 2/2008
- Imam Hussaini mosque vandalized in Saint Louis 7/2007
- objections to new mosque in Saint Louis South County 7/2007
- Ballwin mosque vandalized June 2004

- Vandals target Omaha Mosque 2008
- Lincoln mosque vandalized twice September 2005
- voice mail threat to mosque November 2004

- man beaten outside Reno mosque January 2005

New Jersey
- Bridgewater NJ mosque building plan protested 4/11
- Fire at Newark mosque January 2007
- Toms River mosque vandalized January 2006
- Bank closes New Jersey mosques account February 2005

New Mexico
- Islamic Center of New Mexico harassed by Christian group 12/10

New York
- Sign outside Buffalo mosque is smashed on 9/11
-[ Burned Qur’an sent to Bronx mosque 9/11
- Five teens were arrested and charged after a shot was fired outside of an Orleans County mosque as worshipers were leaving nightly Ramadan services. 8/11
- Sheepshead Bay mosque site fence defaced with graffiti 5/11
- Amherst NY mosque next door neighbor posts lawn sign saying “bomb making next driveway” 5/11
- protestors attempt to stop construction of Sheepshead, Brooklyn mosque 5/11
- SIOA hate group rallies against Cordoba House in NYC 9/11
- Huntington Mosque nail attack. 10/10
- Hudson Mosque vandalized.
- Waterport mosque harrassed by teens, gun fired, honking horns, yelling obscenities, and striking one worshipper with one of their cars. 8/31/2010
- Man shouts “terrorists” and urinates on rug in Queens mosque 8/10
- Objections and protests against planned construction of Cordoba House Islamic Center in NYC 6/10
- objections and protests against mosque in Staten Island 6/10

- Muslim woman threatened with sexual assault outside Parker Mosque in Amherst 7/7/07
- Rochester mosque vandalized third time this year 5/07
- mosque vandalized August 2006
- mosque vandalized September 2005
- mosque vandalized April 2004

North Carolina
- Durham, NC mosque vandalized 11/09

North Dakota
- feces smeared on mosque October 2004

- Woman attacked with pepper spray outside Columbus mosque 12/10
-Cincinnati mosque received threatening email 12/10

- Dayton mosque tear gassed with women and children inside 9/08
- Phone campaign against Ohio mosque 1/08
- Toledo Islamic School vandalized with Nazi ‘White Power’ Graffitti 9/07
- Rocks thrown at worshippers coming out of Columbus mosque Sept 2007
- new threats at Ohio mosque July 2006
- Cincinnati mosque bombed and [2] December 2005
- Columbus mosque vandalized December 2001
- shots fired at Toledo mosque September 2001
- man drives car into Parma mosque September 2001
- 2005 Cincinnati mosque bombing and other incidents still unsolved 7/25/07

- Firebombing arson attack on Corvallis Mosque 11/10 - 8/11 Cody Crawford arrested for this hate crime, calls himself a Christian warrior
- Eugene mosque vandalized 11/09
- Man shot leaving Portland mosque 9/1/2009
- Portland mosque threatened September 2001

- Pittsburgh mosque receives threats 9/10
- In West Philadelphia, worshippers at the Jamia Mosque at 43rd and Walnut have been greeted by protestors on at least three separate occasions in the past month. 8/10
- Pittsburgh mosque vandalized 1/4/09
- Pennsylvania mosque received threatening letters October 2006
- FBI raid on Pittsburgh mosque July 2006
- Bigots don’t want to vote in Pennsylvania mosqe November 2005
- shooting in mosque parking lot November 2005
- Pennsylvania Man Charged in Mosque Shooting November 2005

South Carolina`
- Florence Islamic Center defaced with pork. 10/10
- Operation Save America protests with “Islam is a lie” slogans outside Charlotte Mosque 7/19/10

-Vandalism at Taylor, SC mosque 8/26/09
- Charleston mosque vandalized September 2001
- Greenville mosque burned October 1995

- burned Qur’an at Knoxville mosque 9/10
- construction equipment doused with gasoline and set on fire at site of Murfreesboro mosque. 8/10 Fire ruled arson
- another mosque faces bigotry in Murfreesboro Tennessee 6/10
- Nashville mosque vandalized
- hate graffiti sprayed on burned mosque in Columbia 2/08
- Feds charge three with firebombing Columbia, Tennessee mosque 2/08
- Qur’an defiled at Clarksville mosque 4/07
- Bullet Ridden Qur’an Thrown at Tenn. Mosque July 2006
- Nashville mosque bombed February 2006
- Memphis mosque shooting June 2000

- Houston TX mosque victim of arson attack 5/11
-San Antonio Mosque vandalized several times in a week. 9/10

- Arlington Mosque vandalized. 7/10
- Houston mosque defaced 10/09
- Shots fired at Corpus Christi Mosque 9/16/07
- Residents use pig races to deter building of mosque December 2006
- Lubbock mosque vandalized three times in one mongh 10/ 2006
- San Antonio mosque vandalized May 2006
- anti-Muslim sign posted on Houston Mosque 2/06
- Austin mosque vandalized again January 2006
- Irving mosque vandalized September 2005
- El Paso mosque firebombed September 2004
- Denton mosque firebombed September 2004
- Champion mosque vandalized June 2004
- shots fired at Denton mosque April 2004
- Lubbock mosque vandalized March 2004
- Houston mosque fire was arson February 2004
- shots fired at Irving mosque November 2001
- Austin mosque firebombed September 2001
- Irving mosque vandalized September 2001

- Dar al Hijra mosque vandalized 6/2007
- Islamophobic objections to Quantico Military Mosque December 2006
- mosque vandalized January 2006
- Sterling mosque vandalized November 2003
- James City mosque threatened September 2001
- Sterling mosque vandalized September 2001
- Norfolk mosque vandalized September 2001
- Tidewater mosque vandalized September 2001

- feces smeared on Muslim van near Bellevue mosque 6/10
- Kennewick mosque vandalized January 2007
Patrick Cunningham Pleads Guilty in Attempted Arson at Washington Mosque 2002
- Mount Lake Terrace mosque vandalized November 2001
- Lynwood mosque threatened September 2001
- Arsonists attempt to burn Idriss mosque June 2001

- Madison WI mosque plan opposed 5/11
- Protests against mosque in Sheboygan, WI 7/10
- Wilson mosque approved and opened, and then vandalized 6/10
- protests over mosque to be established in an existing building in Wilson, WI 5/10



- Racist graffiti at Ipswich, England mosque 10/11
- Southend, London mosque vandalized 9/11
- Mosque vandalized by settlers in the West Bank Palestinian village of Yatma, near Nablus 9/11
- Mosque vandalized with graffiti in the Palestinian village of Qusara, near Nablus, and windows were smashed and tires were burned inside the mosque. 9/11
- Elderly Muslim man attacked outside outside Kilmarnock, Scotland mosque 9/11
- Racist slogans on headstones of Muslim section of French WWI military cemetery 9/11
- evening prayers were disrupted by a gang of youths who burst into the mosque, throwing chairs and shouting racist abuse at mosque in Newcastle, Britain. 8/11
- Pig’s head buried under cross on Belgium mosque site 8/11
- Bury Park Mosque in Luton, England vandalized 7/11
- West Bridgeford, England mosque site vandalized 6/11
- Champagnole, France mosque covered in racist and fascist graffiti 6/11
- Arson attack on Tarare, France mosque 6/11
- A package containing a suspicious white powder, an anti-Islamic message and offensive pictures of Muslim women was posted to the Imam of the mosque, in St Thomas’s Road, Finsbury Park, London 6/11
- Hemmel Hampstead mosque vandalized in England 1/11
- Another arson attack on Berlin mosque - several Berlin mosques targeted,1518,736337,00.html


- Mosques in Netherlands receive threatening leaflets 12/10
- Pipe bomb left at mosque in Stoke on Kent, England 12/10
- Assault at Niagara Falls, Canada Islamic Center 12/10
- Dordrecht Mosque in Netherlands shot at 10/10
- Severed pig’s head left at Cambridge Mosque in England 10/10
- Arson attack on Groningen Mosque in Netherlands 9/10
- Mosque in Norway defaced with swastikas. 8/21/10
- Mosque vandalized in Normandy, France 7/10
- Muslim graves vandalized for third time in Scunthorpe, Britain 6/10
- mosque in East Haifa, Israel desecrated 6/10
- Muslim graves vandalized for second time in Brumby Cemetery in Britain. 6/10
- arson at another West Bank mosque 5/10
- racist attack at mosque in Renfrew Britain. 5/10
- Muslim soldiers graves vandalized in France 5/10
- racist graffiti sprayed on mosque sign in Ottawa, Canada 5/10
- arson attack at Sunderland mosque in Britain. 5/10
- Mosque in West Bank village of Hawara desecrated by Israeli settlers 4/10
- Gunshots fired at French mosque 4/10
- Eccles and Salford mosque vandalized in Britain 4/10
- Groningen, Netherlands mosque vandalized with pigs blood 3/10
- Rally in Warsaw, Poland to protest building of mosque 3/10
- Muslim graves vandalized in Leeds, U.K. 3/10
- Ontario, Canada mosque vandalized 3/10
- Haninge, Sweden mosque was vandalized six times during a six-month period
- French mosque vandalized with swastikas 2/10
- Sourges, France racist graffiti was painted on the walls of the mosque
- Waterloo, Canada mosque vandalized 2/10
- Hamilton, Canada mosque firebombed. 1/10

- Switzerland passes ban on mosque minarets
- Gunfire attack on Malmo Mosque in Sweden. 12/09
- West Midlands, Britain mosque burned to ground by arsonists. 12/09
- Jewish settlers torch mosque in Palestine 12/09
- Mosque vandalized in Catres, France 12/09
- Geneva, Switzerland mosque vandalized 11/09
- Muslim cemetery in Manchester, England was vandalized for the third time in three months. 11/09
- Mosque attacked in Great Britain 10/09
- Another man attacked outside of mosque in South London 9/09
- Elderly man attacked outside South London mosque and subsequently died 9/09
- Mosque in Russia vandalized 9/09
- Eggs thrown at worshippers leaving Surrey England mosque 9/09
- Dorval, Canada mosque vandalized fourth time in one year. 9/09
- Vandalism at Toul, France mosque 8/20/09
- Bomb threats at Glasgow, Scotland mosque 7/09
- Greenwich Islamic Centre in London, England was petrol bombed for the second time in one week.
- Racist thugs attack Stortford mosque in Britain 5/09
- Five injured in arson attack on Athens, Greece mosque 5/09
- Dorval, Canada Mosque vandalized a third time in 11 months 5/09
- arson attack on an Islamic ­centre in Luton, Britain 5/09
- Austria, a former Nazi concentration camp has been vandalized with anti-Muslim graffiti 2/09

- Essex Jamme Masjid mosque in London’s southend vandalized 12/08
- arson attack on Lyon mosque in France 12/08
- Jaffa mosque in Palestine vandalized with anti-Muslim graffiti 12/08
- Mosque arson in Bosnia 12/08
- Israeli interior ministry forces demolish mosque in the unrecognized village of Wadi Al-Na’am Palestine 12/08
- library to be turned into a mosque vandalized with racist graffiti in U.K. 12/08
- Settlers spray inflammatory graffiti on mosque in Hebron 11/08
- Extremist Israeli’s storm al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem 10/08
- Muslim graves defaced in Austria 10/08
- Muslim cemetary in North Lincolnshire, England vandalized 8/08
- Swedish mosque arsonist held for hate crime 8/08
- Acts of vandalism against prayer hall in France 8/08
- Nazi graffiti sprayed on a mosque in Lyon, France 8/08
- Moncton, Canada Mosque vandalized 7/08
- Milan, Italy mosque to be shut down 7/08
- Israel to demolish 700 year old Al-Omari Mosque in East Jerusalem on pretext it was built without a license. 4/08
- Toulouse, France mosque burned
- Vandals deface graves of Muslim war vets in France
- Member of Church of England Synod calls for a ban on mosques in Britain 4/08
- Mosque in Southern France damaged in arson attack 4/08
- Moncton, Canada mosque vandalized 3/7/2008
- Tel Aviv, Israel mosque vandalized 3/4/2008
- Hassan Bek Mosque in Jaffa, Israel vandalized 3/5/2008
- Brick thrown through window of Herts and Essex Mosque in Britain 2/08
- Austrian province bans construction of mosques 2/08
- Mosque near Bethlehem burned down by Jewish Israeli settlers. 1/08

- Cologne, Germany proposed mosque protested
- Shooting spree at mosque in Lausanne Switzerland 11-13-07
- Political party heads pigs ‘walkabout’ on proposed mosque site in Padua, Italy 11-12-07
- Eighth mosque attacked in northern region of Lombardy, Italy 10/07
- Austrian provincial parliament demands ban on mosque construction 10/07
- For the second time in the past month, ISNA High School in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada has been targeted by vandals. 8/20/07
- Muslim cleric attacked at Regent’s Park mosque in London, hospitalized 8/07
- Muslim cemetary vandalized in West Bank, Israel by Orthodox Jews
- Barking mosque vandalized in Britain 7/31/07
- Nottingham, England mosque arson
- Muslims Challenge Christians Use of Cordoba Mosque
- Bombing of mosque in Hyderabad, India
- British mosque vandalized
- Muslim cemetary in Yorkshire India vandalized 4/07
- Attack on Central Scotland Islamic Center—&method=full&objectid=18744027&siteid=66633-name_page.html 3/07
- Sikh attacked in England because they thought he was a Muslim

- Paris, France mosque vandalized
- Arson attack on Spanish mosque,,1755600,00.html
- Yakhroma, Russia mosque firebombed
- Israel Destroyed 800 Year Old Mosque in Beit Hanoun
- Arson attack on Ceuta, Spain mosque
- Muslim cemetary vandalized in Bosnia
- Muslim graves vandalized in Denmark
- Muslim graves desecrated in Birmingham, UK
- Muslim graves desecrated in Gwent, UK
- Man Admits to Firebombing Mosque in Britain
- French Mosque Vandalized With Blood and Pig’s Head,23739,20635306-5003402,00.html
- Thugs Break Into Mosque, Attack Imam & 3 Other Men in Britain
- Imam Assaulted at Mosque in Scotland
- Boy Stabbed and Mosque Stoned in Britain
- Pigs Head Left at South Wales Mosque
- Drive by Shooting at Perth, Australia Mosque
- Drive by shooting at Australian mosque
- Ramadan Arson at Canadian Islamic School
- Canadian Mosque Vandalized
- Canadian Mosque Vandalized With Slurs, Nazi Swastikas
- Imam Attacked Near Mosque in UK
- Russian Mosque Destroyed in Terror Attack
- Paris Mosque Plastered With Racist Graffiti
- Muslims Demand Right to Pray in Ancient Mosques in India
- Toronto Mosque Vandalized
- Quebec, Canada Mosque Defaced
- War Crime in a Mosque in Iraq
- U.S. Troops Accused of Mosque Massacre,10119,18616311,00.html
- Montreal, Canada Mosque Vandalized for Fourth Time
- Hindu Extremists Destroy Mosque in Goa
- Pig’s head Impaled on Railing of Mosque in Britain
- Pentagon Controlled Iraq National Guard Implicated in Mosque Bombings in Iraq
- Palestinian Mosque Vandalized Again (Islamophobia),7340,L-3217966,00.html
- Age Restrictions on Muslim Entry to Al Aqsa Mosque Third Week In a Row
- Muslims Protest Mosque Demolition Order in Philippines
- Jewish Settlers Vandalize Mosque in West Bank
- Two Quebec Mosques Vandalized
- Two Montreal Mosques Vandalized (Islamophobia)
- British Mosque Set on Fire 1/7
- Israeli’s Assault Ambassador of Venezuela at al Aqsa Mosque
- Missile Mosque Sculpture Pulled From German Art Exhibit‘Missile’+mosque+sculpture+pulled+from+art+show

- British mosque Burned
- Pig’s Head Thrown Into Mosque in Jaffa by Jewish Extremists
- Jewish Extremists Plot to Fire Missile at al Aqsa Mosque
- Russian Mosque Burned
- Mosque vandalized in The Netherlands
- Arson at Islamic school in The Netherlands
- Arson at Worthing mosque, UK
- Mosque and schools vandalized with swastikas in France
- Paris mosque vandalized with swastikas, France
- Muslim graves desecrated in Bern, Switzerland

- Knife attack on Imam at mosque in Lausanne, Switzerland
- Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Mosque in Germany
- Mosque Attacked in Gronningen, Netherlands
- Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Mosque in Holland
- Pig’s Head Left at Mosque in Amsterdam, Holland
- Pig’s heads left at mosque in Australia
- Winnipeg Mosque Threatened, Vandalized (Islamophobia)
- Australian Mosque Vandalized (Islamophobia)§ion=theworld
- Ontario Mosque Arson
- Two Mosques Burned in France
- Neo-Nazi gang attacked mosques and Muslim businesses in Spain
- Muslim graves desecrated in Alsace, France
- Muslim graves desecrated in East London
- Two mosques bombed in Western India
- Muslim graves desecrated in Military cemetary in France
- Hamilton, Canada mosque vandalized
- Strasbourg, France mosque vandalized

- New Delhi India Mosque Burned
- Reading Mosque Attacked in Britain

- Australian Mosque Firebombed

2001- Further Attacks on Mosques in Australia Threatened
- Mosques Firebombed in Britain
- Belfast, Ireland Mosque Attacked
- Brisbane, Australia Mosque Attacked With Molotov Cocktails
- Jewish Extremists Plot to Blow Up Mosques on Temple Mount

- Bomb Threat to B.C. Canada Mosque
- B.C. Mosque Burned

Mosque burned in Macedonia

Jewish Extremist Alan Harry Goodman Kills Two at al Aqsa Mosque

Israeli Troops Fire on al Aqsa Mosque

Christian Extremist Dennis Michael Rohan Sets Fire to al Aqsa Mosque